Q: My walls have a little texture to them. Will your decals stick?
A: Yes - our decals will adhere just fine to lightly textured walls and you will see the texture through our thin, high-quality vinyl. It will look as if the design has been painted on your wall.

Q: Are your decals easy to install?
A: Very easy! We send simple, step-by-step instructions with each order. You can do it!

Q: How do I get the decals off when I'm ready to redecorate? Will they damage my walls?
A: To remove the decals, start at a corner and simply peel them away. They will come off easily and will not damage your walls or leave any residue. Landlords love us!

Q: Can I get any design in any color?
A: Absolutely! We cut to order so you choose the design and color for each decal. Below is our Color Palette. (click to enlarge)

Q: I love your decals but I need a different size. Can you do this?
A: Of course! We can custom-size any design for you.

Q: Can you make a custom design for me?
A: We have the most fun making custom designed decals for our customers! Let us know what you have in mind and we'll work up something that you will love!

Q: Is this the last FAQ?
A: Yes! Enjoy your decals from Single Stone Studios!