Wednesday, November 20, 2013

More Workout Talk...

I know I talk about this a lot and if you are in my personal life you get it even more. Sorry. Kind of ;)

This has turned into a really cool thing for me. I never thought I'd be a gym rat kind of girl. And I'm not really, but I do go once a day for about 60-90 mins and take a rest day on Sunday. I love it. I just do. It's so cool to see my body change. To do things I couldn't do even just a few weeks ago. To run faster. To lift heavier. To endure longer.

I'm something like 17 or 18 weeks into my steady gym streak and I've started to find a few favorite things I use daily when I workout and thought I'd share them with you!

1: Compression pants - they move the way I do. I never have to adjust them. I put them on, I do my thing and they stay put. Plus real workout wear wicks the sweat from your body and helps keep you dry. I sweat until it's no longer lady like so I really like real workout wear. I mostly buy them at Old Navy and TJ Maxx. 

2: Lip Balm - Once you get going you will be breathing heavy and licking your lips a lot so to avoid chapped, dry lips I use lip balm. My fave is EOS Sweet Mint. I'm kind of addicted.

3: WATER! Keeping hydrated is a good thing and this Brita water bottle is something I never leave home without! There is a charcoal filter in the straw so you can add tap water and as you drink it filters and tastes great! After a recent allergic reaction to bottled water this baby has become an awesome find in my life! 

4:  A GOOD sports bra. I LOVE the bras at Old Navy - this particular style is great for bigger busted girls. I do a lot of HIIT which includes a lot of jumping - I like these bras :) 

5: Weightlifting gloves - ok, if you want to wear blisters and calluses as your battle wounds then you go for it. I perform better in the gym with gloves. I get a better grip on the free weights, machines, medicine balls and kettlebells. I wear these gloves made by Nike. They are ok - when I bought them I wasn't really sure I'd like using them so I wasn't super picky. If I ever find a pair that fits a little more snug, especially in the wrist I will buy them but until then these work great!

6: Good shoes are key! I love my Skechers Go Run 2! They are virtually weightless, fit like a glove and have good support. I am normally NOT a Skechers fan. In fact, I tried on at least 30 pairs of running/training shoes before I gave these a try. They were a last resort. I really needed shoes and I had tried on everything else. I was super surprised I liked a pair of Skechers but I really, really do! Plus they are such cool colors!

BONUS FAVORITE - MUSIC! Every morning when I get to the gym I put my phone in my arm strap, put in my ear buds and blast grungy music in my ears while I workout. A good song can really get you through the burn! 

What are your gym favorites and must-haves? 

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