Thursday, August 8, 2013

So I've diligently worked out for a month now...

and I thought I'd share my thoughts on committed, intentional exercise.

This is the first time I've ever belonged to a gym (I'm 37) so that has been a whole new experience. At first I was a little self conscious and very unsure of what to do but that has faded more and more every time I go and I go 6 times a week. Saturday is my day off. I go to Anytime Fitness and when you sign up you get 2 free Physical Training sessions. They answers lots of questions and help you set goals (and try to push a year long commitment of a PT on you). I did not sign up to have a personal trainer help me after the 2 free sessions. I'm just learning as I go and doing things on my own. There are always trainers available to ask questions to.

This is not the first time I've been active. For years I walked nearly every evening and I've done step aerobics classes and workouts at home. But I've never been as intentional and goal oriented about fitness as I am now.

Here are a few things I've noticed over the last month:

1- When I started I felt very weak and tired quickly. I went for about 20 mins and was done. And I napped. My body was worn down from the workouts and I hit a wall in the afternoon and needed a quick nap. So I did.

2- Something has been sore for a month. The first week was the worst - my quads hurt SO BAD I limped and seriously considered going down the stairs on my butt. And still every time I push it harder or try something new something ends up sore.

3- My body is progressing quicker than I thought it would. I started on the elliptical doing about a 14 minute mile and I couldn't do more than 2.25 miles. Today I did 4 miles in 48:00 - that's an average of 12 minutes per mile and nearly double the distance from where I started. It felt AWESOME!

4- I sweat. A lot. Like a pig. It's awesome. If you still look pretty at the end of your work out you didn't work hard enough.

5- I'm starting to feel stronger. My strength training is getting easier. I do more reps and more sets. Example - when I started I did 20 inclined push-ups - yesterday I did 50. And yes, I'm sore.

6- The scale hasn't budged. Not even a pound. Yes, I have been at the gym 6 days a week for a MONTH and you would think I'd have lost a pound or two or five by now. But I haven't. I THINK and HOPE that I am replacing fat with muscle and it just doesn't show up on the scale. I'm not discouraged - I know my success is not a number on the scale. Honestly, I'm not even sure what that number should be. I'm just going to maintain once I get to a place that makes me feel good.

7- Body Fat Percentage - There is this handy little gadget the personal trainer has that measures your body fat percentage. This is different from BMI - I think BMI is bogus - this measures an actual percentage of YOUR body. Mine was 31.7% - I should be between 27%-30%. My first goal is to get in the range. Then I'm thinking I'll just see how I feel and look with each percentage and maintain once I get there...wherever there is.

8- I like going to the gym more than I ever thought I would! There is a mindset that I have by going there. There are always other people there doing their own thing, working to meet their own fitness goals and I find being around like minded people really inspires me.

9- Music is a key component to a good work out. At least it is for me. The grungier the better!

10- I have a lot more laundry. Do I even need to say more about this?

11- If I had to choose something to comment on about how my physical appearance has changed in the last month I'd say no one could really notice but me, but my face seems a bit slimmer and my collar bones are more defined.

12- I feel really successful! I changed the way I was eating 18 months ago. I took out all artificial/refined foods and started eating clean, whole foods. I felt amazing and I kept waiting for the fitness bug to bite - it took a lot longer than I thought but I'm finally adding in the missing link to my overall Healthy Shelley Plan and it feels huge and successful and right in my heart!

So what changes have you made recently? Did you start working out? Or change your food? Or make a career move? Or anything else?

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Anonymous said...

You are doing so great!! I have been going to gyms on/off since I was 18. LOVE my gym! I do a good amount at home as well, but definitely need the gym. I like your attitude about the scale, and your body fat is pretty close to the range, so that is really great too!

Way to Go!! Keep pressing on! Wishing you continued health, fitness, and wellness! :)