Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Scrap-Word Poetry Project

I started a little project. 
I've used book text in my art for 
quite a while and now I've started writing 
poems with the pieces I cut out. 
Then, I started putting them in a journal.

These are the far. 

I'll update as I create new works. 

She spent such a tedious five years on it. 
Self-questioning. Reaching. Expending. Active in change.
She knew that unless she could give in completely 
she would be in despair. The spirit gave her
 the fuel she needed and she loved the risks of creativity. 
Touching something you thought impossible to touch....

Sometimes change feel impossible.
 suffering on the edge. imperfect and strange. 
she had guts too: 
she knows about the wait with him
 to know his perfect grace.
 Private moments speak simply. absolutely. gallantly. completely. 
Beautiful human soul, this is who we are.

You think of possible moment in 
anticipation of the remarkable.
 Encouraging expression of creativity from her basement. 
She simply wanted truth of self.
 Freedom which is the breath of art. 
An abstract dreamer enjoying creativity daily
 her art and her work encountered generosity.

She managed to created in that strange mind-set 
with her quirkier interests, ideas and talents. 
That's the spirit in which to overcome the fear of being "me".

Our mouths are filled with laughter 
the color of purple. 
It feels so much like giving a gift of love. 
Paint life with wit and humor. 
With sounds of joy and gladness.
 It expresses life to the fullest...a little laughter. 
have fun.
 be alive.

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