Monday, February 28, 2011

A case of the not good enoughs

Ever have times like this?
You are starting a new venture
or want to start something new
only there is that constant, nagging
voice that says you are not good enough.
Your skill, your talent, your smarts
are not good enough.

I'd like to tell you today that





You can achieve your heart's desires.
You just have to start taking the steps.
The wobbly, uncertain, scary steps.
You'll never achieve if you don't try.
And if you try and keep trying
you will find your success in
whatever it is you are seeking.

You just cannot give up and give into
the not enoughs.

The not enoughs are
guilt ridden,

Yes, sometimes they come
from outside sources,
but mostly they come right
from our own thoughts and mouths.

A friend of mine posted this as her
facebook status the other day and
I just loved it. So true!

"what you think about,
you talk about and
what you talk about,
you bring about!"

So next time you are suffering from the
not enoughs
start thinking and talking about
the truths about yourself.


You have enough strength to:
take the first small step,
look in the mirror and
smile at yourself,
tell yourself you CAN,
accept your weaknesses
because when we are weak
He is strong,
(PS...he doesn't want to give you
strength he wants to be your strength)
to find your gifts and talents
and know that with work and use
they will be honed and developed,
and finally allow yourself the process.

The imperfect, stumbling process.

With each step taken
the not enoughs
get a little more quiet,
 a little less believable
and you begin to take
more confident steps
and trust your own heart.
Because now you've put the
truth in it and the truth sets you free.

Edited to add: I was just at Jen Swift's blog and she wrote a post on this same topic today. We must've been on the same wave length. Too good not to share. Here's the link. Well worth the read!


Studio 76 said...

Well Put S. Howard...I needed to hear that today...thanks.

Cristi Baxter Clothier said...

Yes, well put! When I texted you last week about starting this new class, this is just how I felt. Not good enough! I feel very confident in my repetiore of techniques, but I am certain that I am lacking in being able to express my "true voice". You know, making art that screams, this is mine!

I think that finding my way will come with practice, practice, practice! I keep reading about my favorite artists who say the same thing, they did not find their way without repetition and practice.

Roeshel said...

Are you talkin' to me?! I sure do feel that way at times. I know we all do and this is so encouraging. Thanks for telling me, Shelley. ;)