Tuesday, August 27, 2013

So I met with a Personal Trainer today...

This is my 7th week at the gym. I love it. I'm having fun with it. I'm getting in a groove. I'm noticing some changes in the way my clothes fit. And it feels REALLY good to be active everyday. Well, 6 days a week. I take off Sundays.

I have a LOT to learn since this is my first time ever having a gym membership. So, I met up with a trainer again. You get 2 free sessions when you sign up and an evaluation about 6 weeks in. So I went for the evaluation today with the intention that I'd sign up for a year of training. I really truly went in with that mind set.

The session went great. She was super knowledgeable. Encouraging. And understood my goals. I really liked that she understood what I want to achieve. It was motivating. And I knew that she knew exactly how to get me there. Again, motivating.

Then we talked about Training Packages - How many times I wanted to meet with someone and the cost of that. It averaged out to $28 a session for pretty much any package I chose. Not bad considering the knowledge you can gain from a trainer. I think of it like taking a class and they are the teacher. So I was really pretty cool with all of it. BUT - you knew it was coming - it is a MONTHLY financial commitment that adds up to a pretty large lump sum at the end. After talking with Billy we decided it just doesn't serve the big picture for us. So, we decided against it. Together, in agreement.

I feel a little bummed. I am motivated and really want to see changes and they know how to bring the changes I want to see. I really like working with people who "know their stuff" and operate in their passion. It's inspiring no matter who you are or what you're doing and that would be very motivating for me as well. I just like being around people like that. So, I feel a tad bummed out.

I also feel slightly relieved. I have a way of putting a lot of pressure on myself. I have a way of diving in head first and figuring it all out later. I really like both of those things about me, however, both are super powers that have to be used at the right time and in the right way.

I know that I can do this without a trainer. I can learn this. And though I'd really appreciate working with a trainer it's just not the right choice for me right now. It's not the right time to dive head first and put that much pressure on myself to "master" my body. Which is pretty much the way I think about working out. I'm always going to look at something new and think I need to go straight to the top. Not just slim down a little, gain a little endurance and cardio health - no, I go into the gym every morning with visions of tight flat abs, sculpted arms and a firm butt. I think about running long distances, lifting heavy things and sweating until it drips from my hair. I am pretty much and all or nothing kind of person. Slow and steady is a way of doing things that does not come easy for me, though I wish I could really adapt to that mindset some of the time.

Another thing I need to consider right now are my other goals in life. I have set some pretty big career/business goals for myself that are much more important to me and serve a much bigger purpose in my life. There is nothing "wrong" with me physically. Yes, I could lose 10 pounds. Yes, I can tone and tighten a lot of places. But, everyday I wake up and I feel GOOD. In my heart and in my body. I am healthy. I am joyful. So, I think about this fitness thing and as much as is pains me to be patient and do the whole slow and steady thing, I think that's exactly what I should be doing. That way I can put the focus on my art that it deserves and in my heart I KNOW it's right. It's so right. Sometimes you just have to say no. It's ok. I love it when clarity comes and I love that it travels with peace. They're BFFs like joy and hope. :)

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