Saturday, January 12, 2013

One Little Word

There is this phenomenon that goes around every December/January called One Little Word. The idea is to choose one word that describes your upcoming year. One that keeps you motivated and moving forward towards your goals. It's always really amazing to see the words different people choose and to hear their explanations of why they chose it. This year I almost thought I wasn't going to choose one. It just wasn't coming to me. However, the other day I finally got quiet enough to hear my heart and the word that keeps coming to me is STEADY.

For the last 5 years I've (Billy and I) have worked incredibly hard starting Single Stone Studios from the ground up. We started with nothing, no contacts, no contracts just me and Billy and a heart full of determination. It's been a lot of hours, a lot of exhaustion and a lot of figuring it out. This year instead of words like overcome, determined etc I finally feel like I can just go steady on. No pushing. No mountain climbing. Just let the train that we've been getting up to speed travel in the direction we've been pushing it for the last 5 years. Steady. Just keep doing what we're doing and let it go. It's a contentment with our business I've never felt until now and it's kind of amazing.

What is your one little word this year?

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Maike said...

Mine is 'magic' which had to grow on me because it isn't very 'actionable'. But I think that is the point. Letting go and allowing the magic to happen. Doing what I can, and then seeing if some fairy dust will enhance it or expand it. Allowing the wonder and surprises into my life. We'll see what happens!