Friday, June 1, 2012

Fitness Friday

Hope you all had a healthy week! I've been working hard on my new goals every day!!

I have been 100% Gluten-Free since last Thursday, so just over a week.
My sugar intake is very low. For now I'm completely satisfied with that - I don't think I need to lower it anymore. Of course, I can always reevaluate that later if I feel the need to. 

Speaking of reevaluating - I've decided to keep regular cheese in my diet. I buy organic raw cheese and have for a long time. It tastes great. We all love it. I'm not changing it ;)

Other Dairy:
Milk: We've done almond milk for 2 yrs. The whole family likes it. 
Butter: I use real and Earth Balance - we all like both.
Sour Cream: Real - low fat

A few successes I had over the week:
**I made YUMMY gluten free chocolate chip muffins!
**I made my first loaf of GF bread but found some in the store already made (and sliced evenly!!) yesterday & am going to try that. 
**My coffee is now sugar free! (I use soy creamer (unsweetened) and vanilla agave nectar. YUM!
**I ate fruit every day! For anyone who knows me you know I DON'T like fruit - other than banana pudding and apple pie ;) So I make smoothies and I've been eating apples and bananas (fresh, not in dessert form!) 
**Still sticking with the walking. (didn't add much to the workouts yet but the walking feels good!) 

So what successes did you have this week in any area of life? Tell us all about your awesomeness :)

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