Friday, May 25, 2012

Fitness Friday

I started Fitness Friday last week but didn't really get a chance
to tell you what I've been up to which has actually changed
a lot this week! And unexpectedly!

This is my 3rd consecutive week of hopping on the
 treadmill for 20 mins at least 4 times a week.
I feel great about being consistent! 

I have not had any pop this week. 
Not a huge change as I quit pop last summer
but would occasionally have one. 

Like I said, I'm 3 weeks into being consistent
with all these things I already knew to do but wasn't 
doing all the time. But I'm getting good at this whole consistency thing!

Week 1: Walked for 20 mins 4 times in the week. 

Week 2: Same as week one plus the goals I posted last week.

Week 3: Went gluten-free, drastically cut my sugar intake 
and started my search for a good dairy free cheese. 
I've been "dairy-free" except for cheese for 2 yrs. 

So week 3 came a little unexpected. This was not in my original plan when 
I decided sitting at my computer 12 hours a day wasn't enough 
healthy activity. DUH! I totally needed to move. I've always enjoyed
walking so that's where I started. I walk my neighborhood and on the treadmill.

Anyway, I've been studying blood glucose levels, insulin and how foods metabolize 
in the body and effect BG levels and insulin production for 2 yrs. 
It started when my daughter was diagnosed as Type 1 Diabetic in April 2010.

(There's a big difference in the causes and treatment of 
Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Maybe I'll address that sometime)

At the time I was completely overwhelmed with new information and emotion.
It changed our everyday and honestly came as such a shock I couldn't
seem to totally work in the gluten free eating and learn all I needed to 
learn to care for Mackenzie each meal. With Type 1 diabetes it's
not a day at a time, it's a bite at a time. But back to my point...

I wasn't planning on going gluten free (GF) as I'd read about it
and had a lot of GF failures in the last 2 yrs. I just wasn't 
getting it for some reason. I tried and tried again and again.
But Monday it just started clicking.
The dots were connecting and I decided to try yet again.

Monday wasn't GF but it was very low gluten.
Same with Tues. and Weds. I was eating less gluten each day.
Wednesday I was really feeling the effects having so little
gluten. By the end of the day I had a horrible headache,
was nauseous and weak. Needless to say, I went to bed early. 

Thursday was a new day! I woke up feeling good. 
Slightly tired but good and no headache or nausea.
And it was my first 100% GF DAY!!! SUCCESS!

Today is day 5 in my new start and I feel great!
I woke up...awake - not sluggish. 
And the headache is still gone. 

I feel very motivated and encouraged by my progress this week!
I've really wanted to do this for two years and for it to finally
be coming together feels so great! Truly by the grace of God!

I think I'm really getting the hang of it! 
And I plan to switch up the workouts this week. 
I'm starting the 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels. 
I've done it before and it was a great workout.
I think the results will be better this time with 
the nutritional changes. I'm looking forward to it!

Are any of you making any new changes? Any unexpected moments
of clarity that you're finally able to work into your everyday? 

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