Friday, April 20, 2012

What I gave up to become me...

When I started this specific trek with God a few
years ago I never thought of what I'd have to give up
to gain my dreams. I knew there would be a journey
but I didn't know the journey would become a pursuit.
I didn't know how beaten I would feel and how free I would become.

For my happiness I gave him my depression.
For my contentment I gave him my fear.
For my peace I gave him my anger.
For my love I gave him my hate.
For my hope I gave him my doubt.
For my talent I gave him my time.
For my happy heart I gave him my sadness.
For my light I gave him my darkness.
For my success I gave him my failures.
For my direction I gave him my wandering ways. 
For my strength I gave him my weakness.
For my voice I gave him my silence.

I never thought of what I would have to give up.
I selfishly only thought of the pain I was going through.
Neither compare to what I have gained.

When I was going through my darkest times
I thought I was being humbled.
I called it my time of "humbling stumbling"
I guess that was true but I've never
been so humbled as when I see
God give another piece of my dream.
I am so small. He is so big.

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E Makes Art said...

Wow, what an awesome post. I'm all teary-eyed right now. So beautiful and inspired. Thank you for being you :-)