Monday, April 16, 2012

Today I continue...

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I have been 
working on a HUGE project for several months now. 
The last year has been a real learning experience for me.
Not just in art but in hearing and following God.
Honing my ears to hear his voice over the loud 
voices in my head and in the world. 

He has gently nudged me in a new direction. 
A bold direction I didn't see myself walking in
but none-the-less it was the direction I chose 
because it was the direction in which I was being led.

So, here I am figuring out new things each day. 
Messing them up.
Trying again.
Messing up again.
Trying again,
and again,
and again.

I am fighting for every. little. success.
It's slow moving. 
My timeline was to complete
this project by March. 
That came and went.

Apparently God has another timeline in mind :)
My patience is being tested and stretched. 
Especially my patience with myself
since I am learning lots of new skills
to make this happen and feel like if I
already knew this, or was good at that
I could do this thing better and faster
and get it done and shared.
But I don't know everything 
I need to know to complete this.
So, I'm learning.

And it IS happening! 
A little at a time.
One frustration after another.
One tiny success after another.
It. is. happening.
And it will be worth it. 

Today, I continue...


Tricky Troyer said...

What a mysterious creature you have become! ; ) One step at a time step at a time...

E Makes Art said...

Yay!! It IS happening!! Just keep plugging away and learning. You are an inspiration! And yes, it will totally be worth it!! Keep it up!