Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Where to begin?

There is so much to do today. I'm feeling paralyzed.
I really should quit thinking about it all and just do it,
I just can't figure out where the starting point is.
Is it decal work? The new, massive project I'm working on,
The dirty kitchen, the laundry on the chair & the couch
that needs folded and put away, or perhaps it's my terribly
unorganized section of the master closet I swore I would
clean last weekend but instead I worked on the new
project and partied with my nephew who turned 5.

My poor daughter has had the flu all week. Yuck.
She feel a.w.f.u.l. :(

Maybe I should just go bug Billy in production
and get some orders out. Maybe that'll jump start
my productivity today. 

No matter what I have to get past
feeling overwhelmed and be productive.

Below is a pic of our newly redone master bath.
We had a guy in to lay the tile, then we painted
the light blue/grey walls a nice, rich tan, and we
painted the yellow oak cabinet charcoal grey.

We LOVE it!

It still need a few finishing touches...I'll update you
as I find just the right pieces to add.

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