Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Years "resolutions"

I always set goals for the new year.
Don't like to call them resolutions though.
Even though I am resolved to make
an honest effort towards achieving them.
I don't beat myself up if I have not achieved
a goal by the end of the year.

If I am working hard at pursuing it,
then I am learning, changes are happening &
you can't really put a timeline on it's completion.
Change happens at it's own pace.
We are to follow it and slow down
or keep up, which ever applies to the moment.

For me, the key is to start. To keep at it.
And that is a resolution achieved even if the goal
is still developing.
That is success.

As I approach this new year I have a
lot of questions and a lot of
"irons in the fire" to be cliche.
The questions have answers,
I just haven't stumbled upon them yet.
They aren't questions with obvious answers.
They are questions with
good answers
and God answers.
Sorting between
the good and the God
is usually a bit challenging.
The good isn't bad
but it's not the God.
It's not the above and beyond.
It's not the exception.
It's not the abundant.

I find myself always living my life in this push.
The push to learn more.
The push to be more.
The push to get beyond myself,
beyond the good,
and into the abundant that is God.

But it is a push. A constant, relentless push.
Going beyond the good is not easy.
It's is not a clear cut path.
There is always a point at which you have to
decide if you're going to keep going when
keeping going starts to feel a bit ridiculous.
And then the ridiculous lasts longer than
you thought it would.

This is when you really need to dig in your heels.
Roll up your sleeves and
find your resolve.

Don't expect others to understand.
Don't expect them to see you the
way you see yourself.
You'll say things they don't understand.
You'll do things they think are ridiculous.
But when you want uncommon results
God will walk you through uncommon places.

And so you push.

You push through
the good.
the ridiculous.
the time.
more time.
even more time.
until you trust in the timing.
then you push
through a little more
and then

just a little more
time for good measure.
and finally
you get past the good &
into the God.

You know you're there when the
push was worth it.
If it's not worth it yet.
You're not there yet.

So here's to 2012.
For me it means....
keep pushing.

But it also means
to be grateful
for all the time before
that I pushed through the good
and into the God.
For the understanding that I
have that I can push through to more.
That I'm never ever alone.
That while I'm going
through I'm still walking
with Him.

Like everyone, I like to see my
hard work
payoff in successful results.
I'm an eye-on-the-prize kind of person.
There is always a goal that drives me.
But it never fails that once my
goal is accomplished and I've
reach the next level
the thing that satisfies me most
and humbles me to my knees
is the overwhelming realization
that every goal that drives me
is just a motivator God puts in my life
to make me need him more
and in new ways because
He simply just wants to be with me
and teach me to be with Him.

It's not about the resolutions at all.
They're just the motivators
to help you find your push
that turns your
into Godliness.

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Jen said...

LOVE this post. You said it all perfectly. May I ever look for the God and not just the good in my projects.