Saturday, January 14, 2012


image via pinterest

I've always said that my art is a time when
I get quiet and God speaks, my visual prayers.
All artists need inspiration, the word inspire itself
translated in the Greek means God-breathed.
Truly, there is no art where there is no God.


Stephanie said...

This is such a tricky saying...I totally agree. Just this week I was redoing 4 pendant light globes for the tennis club...I couldn't replace them because the new globes they make are too I had to spray paint them...I was a bit neverous because if I messed any of it up they would have to replace 4 light fixtures...I felt like God gave me these tricky ideas to paint it dark red with some black flecks and streaks through it...they turned out great! But I remember looking at them with the spray paint in hand thinking...Lord...what should I do with these... ; )

E Makes Art said...

Beautiful, inspired post. "Visual prayers".. wow. I've been wanting to do a large painting for our den with a quote, and suddenly this week all kinds of inspiration has come from different people and it all just seems to be falling into place even as I've barely gotten started on it. "Visual prayers" really sparks something in me. Thank you for inspiring me as always. Thanks for being a vessel :-)