Tuesday, December 6, 2011

FABULOUS Handmade Jewelry

I must say, I have the COOLEST customers
who do cool things with decals.
I love it when I get photos back!
It's thrills me. Really.
Please send them :)

I have worked with a jewelry designer,
 several times for her tradeshows.
She always has cool displays.
Not to mention FABULOUS jewelry.
All handmade. Colorful. Inspired.

This is her latest show display:

Isn't it gorgeous?
And I love the jewelry.
Inspired, I say,


Jen said...

Oohh... does she pay you in jewelry? Cause I'd be really tempted to suggest it. :)

E Makes Art said...

Oh, her jewelry is amazing!! And I love her displays, which of course are made even more fantastic by the use of your decals! What a fantastic idea!! Hmm... I'll keep that in mind :-)


E Makes Art said...

ok, I'm back! I just had to tell you that I love everything you pin on your Pinterest boards!! I want to live in them! Today I was going through and just re-pinning photos I like from the Pinterest stream and didn't notice until after that most of them were from YOUR boards!! Lol!! You have excellent taste my dear, in decor, art, etc.!! So sorry, but I'm sure to be re-pinning many more from you I'm sure!!