Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pin It -> Do It

So, we're all Pinterest lovers.
If you are not, then you haven't pinned. :)

Pinning is great but
doing is better!

I tried this biscuit pizza roll idea
from my Food board.
The original recipe is by

Here are my thoughts on this idea:
It was quick and easy to make and clean up.
Which in my book  is  HUGE.
I also used paper plates to serve
'cause that's how I pizza roll ;)

However, if I made them again I'd
use sausage instead of pepperoni,
and I'd use a better dough, even though
both of those things add more time and effort.

I also think this would be really
fun to have the family build their own!
I'll take sausage and banana peppers please,
hold the mushrooms.


Jodi said...

They not only look yummy but also look like 'fun' for the kids to help with.

Thanks for sharing. I often make the things I pin... several of the recipes have been HUGE hits.

amybyrd said...

Have you seen my 30 days of pinterest to reality? Today I cooked some broccoli!!