Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Life Mediums

This morning, as I was driving back to the studio from running errands, I was thinking about art mediums. Not all that uncommon for me. I was thinking about how they excite me, especially when you start combining them. The juxtaposition of leather and metal, paint and paper, burlap and linen. How opposites attract and compliment each other beautifully. That, to an artist, especially a mixed media artist, is exciting. So exciting that it moves us to action. To us everything is an art supply and all objects are meant to be altered.
As I was thinking all these thoughts about art and mediums I started thinking of life and how there are a few specific mediums God gives us to alter the world ithin our reach. He calls them fruits but today I am loving the idea of them as mediums. I specifically thought to myself that I need to allow Self-Control to draw the lines in my life, I need to paint more with Love and allow the gritty texture of Long Suffering show in my work. My life's work. My thoughts turned into prayers and I prayed that these mediums would excite me and move me to action just as much as the supplies in my studio. That my creations with them would be true to even the finest detail.

Art is an expression of emotion. It's the artist transparent on canvas. The deepest most parts of his or her being in color, texture, imagery. What if we lived our lives in the same way? Truly transparent. It does leave a lot for the viewer to interpret - art is always perceived by each viewer in a different way depending on their own thoughts and experiences. But the mediums are all there - love, joy, peace, long suffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control - the interpretation is not on us. That's for God to give, we just have to have faith in the mediums he gives us enough to use them. Everyday. To create our life and alter the world within our reach. The little opportunities that need just a brush stroke of love, a dusting of joy, touch of goodness and restraint to know how much is enough.

I've said this many times before that the act of creating is when I get quiet and God speaks. It's prayerful and meditative. I try to live my life this way, I really do. Sometimes though, I speak my own words and not God's, I have my own actions and not His. Today was a good reminder to keep these things in check. I've been unusually busy for months and my calendar does not indicate this pace letting up any time soon. So as I go through my days I pray that I create them with the mediums God gives me and the wisdom to know which ones to use at just the right time.

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Emakesart said...

Hi! I'm always so inspired when I drop by. Another fantastic and much needed post. Thank you. And sorry I never got a chance to repost that other post about your email... life got in the way. I still want to but am trying to get caught up... I'll let you know if I ever do. And thank you for your kind comment about our grandfather's passing, it meant a lot.