Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Etsy Interview

Each week Etsy has a new artist
they interview and promote on the front page.
I love to read them and always find them
inspiring but today while reading
the interview with SlippinSouthern
I had to share and would love
to hear your thoughts.

This is the quote that struck me
while reading the interview.
It's in response the the question
"What does handmade mean to you?"

"Handmade is the way I’m redefining myself.
After 25+ years of using a computer every day,
going back to basics and making things with my hands
again has been so eye opening. I was in school before
 Macs were invented, so finding those hand skills
again and rediscovering what drew me to
art in the first place is very empowering."

I loved reading that!
his work is so fun!
As an artist who does a lot of digital work (obviously)
I HAVE to find time to work with my hands
or I am just not fun to be around! There is nothing
that can take the place of making something with
your own hands. It's just so satisfying!

The production process of making a decal is quite
hands on and labor intensive but it is not creative
since the creativity happens digitally.
Though I still enjoy it, it's not my favorite part.
However, applying the decals, for me, is incredibly
fulfilling! I love to go on site and do big installs.
It's thrilling. every. single. time.
Seeing the process through from conceptualizing it,
creating the decals and then installing the designs -
is the BEST!

Working with my hands is why I paint, why I
make home decor items, make assemblage
art, alter clothing...anything I can get my HANDS on!

Do any of you feel that way?
You really have a NEED to create with your hands?
I think it's innate for every human to create in some capacity.
For me, it's a strong connection to God when I express
the inspiration in my heart through my hands
and create or alter a physical object.

The way I feel when I make art and create
with my hands is not a feeling I can get any other way.

I love that God gave that to me!

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