Monday, August 22, 2011


I've been doing some rearranging between
my studio and house this weekend.
Everything has been pretty messy.

Back in January I posted this video just before
we started remodeling our house. My plan was to
deconstruct, reconstruct and decorate in 8-9 weeks time.
Easy. Peasy. 
Well, 7 months after the remodel was complete
I'm just starting to get to that decorating part.
I've had a ton of ideas but as I would start
to put them in place something was always lacking.
I couldn't find just the right mix I was looking for.
Finally, this weekend, I found my inspiration
and hit my stride. However, this comes with
a great amount of upheaval in my home and studio.

My favorite corner of my house, which was in my studio,
is no more. It had to be changed.

This hutch was great to use as shelving and I love
that I could display my girls on it but as I've grown
in my art the function of my studio has changed and
this piece no longer worked for me. So, I've repurposed it
in my dining room. I'll share pics when things are complete.

Now my studio looks like this:


Making these changes is quite a task!
The planning, the purging, the organizing.
The figuring our of what new pieces
will work. The purchasing. The heavy lifting.
But as I get to work - I am seeing progress.
I am moving towards my bigger goal of a
well decorated home and a, once again,
functioning art studio.

Growing pains.

I've had a lot of them lately.
This is just the physical manifestation
of what my heart has been going through
for weeks...months.
It will be worth it.
I know it will.

I have pinpointed my dreams.
Made my plan to achieve them.
Gave my plan to God.
And I put action with my faith everyday
on the things I know I can do
to keep moving forward.
Some days it's just cleaning and rearranging.
Some days it's throwing big stones,
which I've done lately.
For these it felt more like I needed a
catapult rather than just a sling but
none-the-less the stones have left my hands.
The upheaval in my heart will settle and God is revealing
just enough light for the step I am on.

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