Sunday, August 14, 2011

Journal Experiments

Lately I've been experimenting with journaling.
I took Christy Tomlinson's
and it inspired me to try a
journal based on color.
I did mine a little differently than
Christy did in class. I would highly
recommend the class for ANYONE
 not just someone who considers him/herself
an artist. She offers a lot of great
ideas for gathering inspiration,
exploring the color combos in your journal
and she does make art with each color challenge
but I kept relating the color ideas to home decor.
I thought it would be a great class for anyone
who loves to decorate or would like to learn to
use color better in their home.

::here's one of the journal pages I made::

Again. you can see how I related the color to
home decor.

As an artist I've been exploring line
and trying to improve my use of it.
So, I've been doodling. And writing.

::here's an entry in my doodle journal::

I think it would be a lot of fun to add
color to my doodles. Maybe I'll give that a
shot soon and share the entry.

I'm loving both styles. 
The color journal is very free and I get
to splatter paint and smear on glue and
add paper and magazine clippings
and the text is easy and doesn't dig deep 
it's just all very free.

The doodling journal requires a little more attention.
More details in both the design and the text.
I guess I wouldn't have to write more
text but it seems that when I'm doodling and 
spending the time to create layers and pattern
and repeating lines it seems to draw out more
detailed journaling entries.

I've always incorportated a lot of 
color in my art and now that I'm 
getting more comfortable with 
line I'm looking forward to adding
some fun doodles into my art more. 

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Emakesart said...

That class sounds great! And I love both of your journal pages, especially the doodle one! It's gorgeous as it is with no color!!