Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Experimental Life

Today, while emailing a bloggy friend
I wrote something that came
totally out of the blue.
Like God was telling me something.
I'm still pondering what that
something is, or at least the
depth of it.
However, the surface of it felt pretty
revealing. I almost deleted it from the email
but I knew this friend would understand,
even relate.

I've been thinking these last few weeks.
Having traveled 3 of the last 4 weeks I've had
plenty of time to think. In the airport, on the plane,
hours spent driving....there's been time to think,
but no time to do. Now that the traveling
is done, the work is nearing the point
of being caught up, and new art is beginning to
flow out of my heart through my hands in new ways
I started thinking some more.

I keep telling myself I need to develop a
signature style. Something people see and KNOW
that it's my work. All great artists have it.

My bloggy friend has it. She uses texture
in ways that don't even cross my mind
while I'm creating. That's what we were
talking about when I wrote the following
in an email today.

"Sometimes I wonder if art is ever anything
more than a pursuit of constant experimentation.
A way to try new things.
For me it always seems to be the color of life,
the texture of my heart,
the pattern of my soul.
 As artist our work coats the surface of a canvas
 but expresses the deepest parts of our beings.
With the only consistency in life being change
it's always an experiment to
express the authenticity of yet another new moment."

{my latest experiment}
So what new things in life are you trying to express?
What is your form of expression? I always find my first
efforts of expressing something new to be rather awkward.
I always try to remind myself, no matter what form
the expression comes in, that the only way to find grace
is through the awkward and by going through the
awkward ourselves we give others grace during
their time of being awkward. We recognize they are
just trying something new. We're seeing their first wobbly
steps in a direction they've never pursued before.
These are the moments that connect our
human spirits. The humble moments in our lives
that we struggle to share but make us transparent
to others so they can see that they aren't
the only ones who travel through the awkward to
become graceful. It's a process
we all must endure.


Shelli said...

I like being wobbly with you. :)

Emakesart said...

Oh, I'm SO glad you didn't erase it from the email!!!! I seriously keep reading it over and over just waiting for it to truly sink in. This is the most amazing post... so much truth and so inspiring! Truly.. wow. And I'm LOVING your textural art piece!!!
You know what's funny... I keep thinking that I need to find a signature style! And yet you say I have one... so really I think we can't help it. If we let our true selves spill out onto the canvas, it can't help but feel like "us" whether or not we can see it, others can... even when we're trying out new techniques or colors... our essence still shines through! So we should NEVER stop experimenting!

Wow...long comment, LOL! Can you see how inspired you've made me? Thank you!!!

Barbara said...

Wobbly is good! So are happy accidents.:0)It is so wonderful to create and to be able to express ourselves through our art. Never stop experimenting.

Hugs XX