Thursday, May 5, 2011

Stone Throwing Thursday

Hey out there - It's another Thursday. It's amazing how quickly a Thursday can come around and I think it's been nearly a month of Thursday's since my last STT post! I've been insanely busy this spring. Working lots of hours, making lots of art, shooting some videos to share with you guys....lots of great things happening! God seems to have stepped on the gas pedal of life and I am doing my best to keep up :)

Besides lots of work and art happening I am SUPER EXCITED to be going to CHA this summer with my fabulous friend Jen Swift!! CHA stands for Craft & Hobby Association and it's a huge trade show that happens twice a year, once on the West Coast and once on the East Coast/Midwest, and is a show I've been following, via many artists blogs, for nearly 10 years! I am SO excited to have an opportunity to attend! There will be lots of new product releases, classes to take, artists to meet - I'm just giddy over going and to be going with such a great friend is the cherry on top! I keep looking at the calendar and counting down the days :) It's gonna be a great few days!

So with my schedule being so full, the work load being heavy and the inspiration for new art flowing faster than I can make it I've really been practicing keeping my peace each day. I cannot accomplish all the things on my list in a day but over the next few months I can. So I'm taking it a day at a time, doing my best to be a good steward with my time, trying to remember that not every minute of everyday needs to be spent working, relaxing is a good thing to, and thanking God all along the way for bringing so many wonderful opportunities into my life!

Today I'm off to record the beginning of a video and take my walk outside instead of the treadmill because it's a GORGEOUS day! No rain! I hope you all have some sunshine today too :)

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