Monday, May 9, 2011

A day late...

I'm late with this
 but I hope
you all had a lovely
Mother's Day!

Mine was great.
Just an easy day.
Each year me, my
mother-in-law and
my sister-in-law always
make a trip to
a local nursery and
buy flowers.
We could spend hours there
but always make it quick since
we leave the family party
for our trip.
But I love it.
We all love it!

Look at the gorgeousness!

The mini rose bush is from my mom
and the pot of petunias, from Billy's mom
for my Mother's Day Gifts.

The ferns came from my moms yard.
She has a big bed of them in her
front yard and they are so pretty. 
I've gotta get those in the ground
today and have just the spot!

There are succulents in the
paper bag which will go in a
shallow dish and live on my
dining table on the deck.
Then I picked up 2 bushes
that are ready to bloom white
flowers all over, any day now.
And that lovely lilac bush!

We had a lilac at our last house
and I love clipping the blooms and
bringing them in the house.

I got a hosta too -
I always have hostas!

I'm so excited for our backyard.
These are the FIRST flowers it
has seen! It's just grass and dirt
back there. Last year we built the deck,
this year we're adding the landscaping.
Shovel, anyone?

I think we have a great start!

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