Monday, April 11, 2011


We are STILL
making our way through
this remodel/decorating.

Last weekend the floor got
completely finished. All the little
trim pieces that needs to go along
the baseboards are done! Whew!
And it looks great!!

This weekend we did a little decorating.
It's a slow go since I can't seem to
get a real vision for what I want so
it's going together a little at a time.

First, I found this AWESOME art
in my favorite local antique shop.

Perfect for my kitchen. Which is still
a bit bare but this piece sure does
jazz it up in there :)

Next is a bit of a decorating oops
or maybe just a change of mind.

At first I planned to make a gallery
wall in our entry and have it turn
the corner into the dining room.
So I started and hung up a
bunch of frames...

It looks fine but left a lot to be
desired in the way of function
for the entry space.

So I took them down.
The holes still need to be filled.

And now I'm putting them on a
wall across from the dining room
which is to your left as you walk in
the front door.

Only this time I took the time to
cut out a piece of paper in the size of
each frame and play with them
to get the layout just right before
making holes. This is what it still
looks like this morning. Just paper.

I also played with a little springy
vignette on a shelf that is now in the
entry. I'm not showing the whole
thing just yet. Hopefully a little
later this week though.

But I couldn't help bringing
in a little spring!!

So that's a little of what we're up
to with the decorating.

I'm crazy slow getting this house done!
It'll be worth it, right?

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Anonymous said...

My walls are now 'shelly-walled'. I loved the wall decals from them. An equisite collection I would say.