Wednesday, March 9, 2011

{Stone Throwing Thursdays} Observations

By now you all know making art
 for me isn't just about making art.
I love making art, the process, the
supplies, the end results, well, most
of the end results. But mostly what
I love about art is that it's this special
language I share with God. The one
only he and I speak because this
is the gift he gave me and when I use it
he is glorified and worshipped.
The time I spend making art
is always prayerful and meditative.
A time when I get quiet
and he speaks.

I share that to share this new piece of art.
A piece that came with more insights,
reminders and ideas that I thought would
be great to share on Stone Throwing Thursday.

I was going through all my supplies looking for
something different to use when I pulled out
and old indie art mag from my stash.
The word observation kept reoccurring
over and over and over so I grabbed my scissors
and started snipping all of them out that I could find.
Before I knew it I had them all glued to
a canvas along with a few scraps of fabric.
It sat that way for a couple of days.
I didn't know what to do with it
or if I would do anything with it,
but I couldn't really put it down.
My mind began churning with ideas
so I started working again and this
is what came of it...

I've lived with it for a week or so now
staring at it like it wanted to say more.
Like it wanted to tell me what I should
be observing. As I sat here watching it
and praying I started thinking of
Zacchaeus. Remember the song
from Sunday School - Zacchaeus
was a wee little man? That Zacchaeus.

As Luke 19:1-9 explains
Jesus was passing through his town and
Zacchaeus wanted to see him.
Too short to see over the crowd he climbed
up in a Sycamore tree to see Jesus as he passed.

Unexpectedly, when Jesus was passing the tree
Zacchaeus was in, he stopped and told Zacchaeus
to come down that he was going to his house today.

Zacchaeus jumps down from the tree and takes Jesus to
his home where he repents of his thieving, tax collecting
ways and Jesus states that salvation
has come to Zacchaeus' house.

All this made me ask myself:
What am I observing in my day-to-day life?

Hebrews 12:2 says we should fix our eyes on Jesus,
the author and finisher of our faith.

When I put that verse together with
Zaccaeus' story it makes me realize
just that much more why I need to
 keep my focus on Jesus and what he's
doing and not on the world around me.
If I am always observing Jesus then I
am observing love. And then that
observation becomes my focus and
impacts my actions. It keeps
my art pure. My motives pure.
My heart pure.

And when I'm too short to see above
the crowd, or the circumstances in
my life pile up so high I can't see Him,
I'll look at this art, remember Zacchaeus
and make a conscious effort to position myself,
high up in a tree, if I must,
to make sure I can see and observe Him.

Even simple decisions like keeping our
eyes on God are stones thrown in our life.
It's an action put with our faith that seeing
Him will keep our minds and hearts
in the right place.


The DIY Show Off said...

I love reading the stories behind your art. :)

Emakesart said...

Such an amazing post and an amazing art piece too. beautiful.