Monday, March 7, 2011

She Art Workshop

It's Week 2 of the

I must say it's so so so
fun to participate in an art class again.

I think the last one I took
was more of a scrapbook crop
nearly 10 years ago.
It's so fun to see what the
others in the class make
with the same techniques.
I did 2 canvases for Week 1.
My 2nd piece is a Stone Thrower.
You HAD to know I would
make one of these fab gals into a
Stone Thrower. How could I not?

This next canvas has a background ready.
Once I get through this weeks class videos
I'll add a girl.

I tried a new-to-me technique of
adding several thick layers of gel medium
over the canvas to give a faux encaustic look.
I might try modeling paste next time - it's thicker
and wouldn't self-level as much.

I love the look on this canvas - not that you
can really see the effects of the technique
in the photo but the background looks
kind of embedded. I'm hoping the girl
will pop out a bit. I might even make her
dimensional some how.

Anywhooo- here's the background.

Any suggestions for the text on this piece?
You know I can't make art without text :)
Leave me a comment. I'd love to
hear your suggestions and work
them into the piece!!


Emakesart said...

I love your stone thrower! What a great canvas! I'm loving the second one so far too...I've never tried the faux encaustic look. Is it with reg. gel medium? I'll have to try that!
I can't think of any text right now. I just used a favorite quote of mine on my blog, but it's LONG! Nothing else comes to mind. Maybe add the girl first and she'll inspire the words.


oh, and I love your new blog header!

Jen said...

I think you can see it better in this pic than the last I saw. I LOVE it!!! I also L O V E your stone thrower girl! :)