Wednesday, March 2, 2011

She Art Workshop

an online art class,
started this week.
I loved all the video
tutorials and now it's
fun to go through the Flickr
group and see every one's
art as they upload photos.

I love how each artist has their
own take on the techniques.
Each choosing different colors,
and patterns and textures
creating a unique personality
to each girl. It's really fun to see.
I can't wait to see how the
next 2 weeks of the class develop.

This is my first piece for the class.

"She acknowledged her change"

I wanted her to be a bit vintage
and I kept a tight color palette
on this piece - and she has wings :)

PS - I don't know if there are any
Stampin' Up fans out there but I am
loving the watercolor crayons! Had them
for several years and just broke them
out in the last couple of weeks.
What was I waiting for?!!

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