Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Searching. Throwing Stones. Daily Life.

So, I've been skipping
Stone Throwing Thursdays.
Mostly because I keep forgetting.
I seem to remember on Friday
then I think, I'll get it next week.
So today I remembered it
while pulling out of the school
parking lot and thought
I don't want to wait till Thursday
so I'm doing it today.

At the end of the year I
said that getting rid of
is my big goal this year.
Of course, when you make
something your focus you
start to see said insecurities

Like the night I went to
bed crying because I swore
I chose the wrong countertops.
They're great but not what I
expected when they came.

They were a total game changer
in the kitchen. I had to go with it.
They were special ordered - no refunds.
They weren't terrible -
I liked them, a lot actually,
they just didn't go with my original plan.
So back to Lowes and Home Depot
for about 20 different tile samples.
I knew there was a solution
but I had to look for it and
it didn't come easy.

Even after I chose the tile
it layed flopped over the edge of the
wall hanging down the back splash
area for a week before I put my
trowel in the adhesive and committed.
I love it now.
It's actually one of my very favorite things.
Maybe it's because I had to figure it out.
My first effort wasn't enough and I
had to overcome a hurdle to find
the right solution. It makes it more personal
and makes you dig deeper to figure it out
and when you see the final result
it makes you feel accomplished.
That's always a good feeling.

I also feel that way about my
most recent paintings.
I've been working hard these last
couple of years on finding my way back
to art and finding my way to the art
I really want to make.
Though I don't feel as though these 2 pieces
are the art I really want to make,
they are closer,
they incorporate techniques that just
felt like home
as I was doing them.
And I really enjoyed the process.

So these are my most recent
Stone Throwing adventures.
Tile and paintings.
What about you? What is a stone you've thrown
recently? Leave me a comment and let me know :)


canvas wall art said...

Thank you for sharing your story of creativity,What I make is simple project re organization of our furniture in our home.Do some personalize art attach to the wall board that I created.

The Taffy Box said...

Hey! My hubby and I just did our backsplash last month too! Lots of trips back to Lowes for us as well. I'd love to share the final product with ya! Pop me an e-mail for a photo :)TheTaffyBox@comcast.net ~Koryn