Friday, February 25, 2011

Remodel Update - starting to decorate

We are finally getting to the
decorating phase of the remodel.
Of course, we still have a few
odds and ends tasks to finish up
the remodel phase, but that's not
stopping me from starting
my first couple of decorating projects!

My mood board is pretty monochromatic.
Mostly earthy browns and greens.

But now that the things that are
staying in the house are all in -
flooring, cabinets, appliances,
paint, tile, etc. - it's time for some

I can't say I'm going crazy with color,
but I am accenting with some
yummy, warm, earthy, spicy
colors. My favorites.
Teals and warm oranges,
greens, reds and deep blues.

So I'm choosing art for my gallery wall
with all these colors in warm tones.
And some of my favorite artists like
Dali, Munch, Van Gogh, Picasso, Escher.
These artists are known for their
impressionist and surreal art.


Very excited to live with
this art gallery every day!

I am also bringing in
lots of color, pattern
and texture with textiles.

I'm loving my collection so far.

So there's a bit of a sneak peek
of the way I'm taking the decorating
phase of the remodel.

I'd love to hear what kind of art and colors you decorate with.
Leave me a comment and share your style with the rest of us!

1 comment:

The DIY Show Off said...

I can't wait! I think I'm just as excited about your remodel as I am my own. lol! I love the accent colors - those mats/art prints and pillows with your warm neutrals. Great choices, Shelley!

Have a wonderful week!