Monday, February 7, 2011

Remodel Update and Decorating Teases

We are getting really close to
finishing up the dirty work
of this 1000 sq ft remodel.
Pretty happy about that!

This morning the UPS
guy dropped off the new
hardware we ordered for
the kitchen cabinets.


These are 8" stainless steel handles.
We're putting them on all the doors
and drawers for a really clean look.

I'll have a source list for all of our
projects in the final reveal post.

These babies were only $2.80 each.
Did you catch that they are
stainless and 8" long?


Since we're ready for the
flooring to go in -
the last piece of this remodel
puzzle - I've been thinking a lot
about one of my very favorite things
6th Street Design School
I really am getting excited!
And as of right now,
I'm roughly $400
UNDER budget for
the remodel so my
decorating projects
can come a little
sooner rather than later!

And what might some of these
projects be that I have in mind?
I'm glad you asked :)

These 3 projects I am sure of:

A DIY wood and conduit wall unit
Art Gallery Wall (actually 2 walls)
Making an "old" subway art sign (new decal alert)

My other ideas are still in the idea stage.
We'll see if those come to fruition.

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The DIY Show Off said...

Ah! Curiosity kills me! lol I can't wait to see the reveal! I know it's going to be fabulous!