Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Off with their head!

One of my favorite movies is
Alice In Wonderland.
I love the artfulness of it
but there is another reason
I love it so.
It's the simple line of
Off with his/her head!
It excites me every time I hear it.
Not because the Queen of Hearts is...
well, heartless but because
it reminds me that after my giants
have been killed
I must
cut off their heads...
with their own swords.

 In the David and Goliath story
David was in the valley with Goliath,
his giant, while the Israelite and Philistine
armies were on the mountains looking down.
Sure they saw Goliath fall to the ground
face down when the stone hit him between
the eyes but they did not know the giant was
dead until David stood over him,
took Goliath's sword from his sheath,
cut off his head and held it up
for all to see. That is when the Philistines
ran in fear and the Israelites charged forth
with a shout and pursued the Philistine army,
killing many and plundering their camp.
(1 Samuel 17:50-53)

For a long time I've thought about this
part of the story wondering how I cut off the
head of my giant since my giant is not
physical. Well, would you know the answer
came to me while watching Alice In Wonderland,
hearing Queen of Hearts shout
"off with his head"?

Crazy the things that will bring understanding.

Here's what came to me.

Even though we are up close to
our giant and know in our hearts
we have overcome it and it no
longer has a grip on our lives,
those around us don't know it.
They are up on the mountain
and need to see us cut off its head
to believe that it's really gone.

The short answer to show them is:

Live it.

They need to see a new pattern of
behavior in us. And not just for a day.
This isn't going to happen in a moment
as it did for David. It will take them
a while of seeing this new behavior to
understand that we really have overcome
our giant. That this thing in our life
no longer has a hold on us.
Whether it's something like an addiction,
overcoming behavioral issues of having
been abused, giving up control, not
working too much, or pursuing a dream.

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At first they will probably question
how real we are about committing
to our new ways. They will need
to see it to believe it.

That's ok.

It's ok because we are real.
We know in our heart
our giant is defeated.
Now all we have to do is walk
in the new freedom everyday.
Allow them to observe.
It may be uncomfortable
and we will have
awkward expressions
of our new ideas,
but eventually they will see,
and we will get better
and better at living this
new every day life.

This is what happens
you Throw Your Stone.

I'd love to hear about a giant
you have overcome! Leave me a comment
and share your experience :)

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