Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Color Change

They say
"The third time is a charm"
and this time, I agree!

I'm on the third paint color
for the kitchen cabinets.

I started with Mossy Gold.
Looked like a muddy brown
with just a touch of green
on the swatch...
turns out it's more like a
deep olive green.
Way too greeeeeen.

Then I thought I'd paint them
the Best Bronze color
I painted the fireplace mantle.
Um, good color but too dark
with the dark counter tops.
Just didn't dig it.

So I pulled out my Sherwin Williams
paint deck, found Best Bronze
and went one step lighter
-High Tea-
Ah, just right!

I have the cabinets painted
and we're loving them!
Even Billy commented on
the "great color".

Today I'm finishing up the
doors and drawer fronts.

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