Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tiling the Fireplace

We are finally getting
to put some of the new
finishes in place.
for this tile!!!
It's earthy,
metallic &

I started with the fireplace.
Just an accent of the tile
around the opening.
I can't grout for 48 hrs so
today Billy and I are working
on building and painting
the mantle I designed.

This is my first tile job
and I was so excited
last night with how
everything turned out!

We chose a dark
12x12 tile for the
floor in front of
the fireplace.

I love the way it
brings out the rich
tones of the mosaic.

I am thrilled with the look!
The mosaic tile is the
inspiration piece for
the renovation. Once I
found it the other finishes
were chosen to coordinate
with it. It's just so gorgeous
how could I not work around it?!

I'm pretty proud of myself :)

1 comment:

Jaclyn said...

it is gorgeous! i LOVE it!