Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Remodel Progress

This remodeling business is messy.
We have dry wall dust

But it's all good.
I'm psyched with the
progress and the
feel the space
is taking on.

We have removed the
stone and mantle
around the fireplace

We have ripped up the flooring...
only to find more flooring.
We ripped that up too.

I'm trying hard to keep us organized
in the remodel chaos. I'm not the best
at doing this on a day-to-day basis,
but I've challenged myself and
am keeping the constant debris
in the garage ready to
be hauled away to the dump.
And I have a tool table
for everything from paint
rollers, to screwdrivers to the
big guns like the sawsall.

So far, so good.

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