Monday, January 10, 2011

Pretty Pantry

As I mentioned
some time in the last
week or two
on my
I am on an
organizing mission
in 2011. 

I think I said
from my
to my

Well, last night
I started with

Like any good tabloid -
let's see that up close.

Oh yeah, that's a
terrible mess of
cans, boxes
drinks and
a few out-dated
bread mixes.
Year-old beer
bread anyone?

So, to remedy my
mess of a pantry
I pooled together my
baskets & jars
and purchased
a few too.

A couple hours
of work later
and my pantry
is all pretty!

Here's her
after makeover

She cleans up real nice :)


studio 76 said...

welldone! If it were me...I think I would add a mini shrine in honor of mrs. Renfros! ; )

Lynda said...

You have inspired me, LOVE your "throw the stone" attitude, how fun to meet Matt & Shari and TY!