Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fireplace Mantle Sneak Peek

The fireplace is really coming together!
Yesterday we built the very
simple, clean, modern mantle.
As opposed to the busy,
over scaled mantle that came with
the house. It had fluted moldings
on the sides, topped with rosettes,
layer after layer building up the top,
which by the way, stuck out from the
wall nearly 8". It overwhelmed the room
and just wasn't our style.

To refresh your memory...

Oh, and see that horrid gold...not exactly
the earthy metallic I had in mind.
We said good-bye to that with a can
of high heat spray paint by Rustoleum.
Cheapest, easiest fix we've done so far
and it instantly modernized the fireplace.
You can see that all black look in the next photo.

Here's a sneak peek at the new
 mantle I designed and Billy built.

ahhhhhh so clean and simple and in scale.
I love it.
And Billy approves too.
He stepped back and says
"you got skillz"
So do you, babe!
I didn't build it alone.

One of the things we disliked
so much about the other mantle
was the depth. So this one is
very low profile. We really love those
zero-clearance fireplaces that "float"
in the wall. Very modern. So that
was my inspiration when designing
this mantle. It's only about 2" deep
which helps contribute to keeping
the fireplace in scale with the room.
It's also about 10" shorter than the
other mantle was.

Now to paint
 the walls
& the mantle
& the cabinets.
If you don't hear
from me in a couple
of days I've drowned
in a bucket of paint
but don't worry
it will be one of these
yummy, earthy colors...

Here's a mood board I worked
up real quick last night. It still
needs accessories. I have ideas
but haven't really decided on
those things just yet.

The photo in the bottom left corner
shows a lamp my mom gave me
for my birthday. I love it and it's
staying in the living room. It's got a
great iridescent/metallic finish in the
glazes and I like the aqua accent
as well. It goes perfectly with
the earthy, metallics I have going
with the tile and other finishes.
The fabric however, I'm iffy on.
 The colors are right
but it kind of makes me yawn.
Still deciding on that one.

This is the gist of where we're
headed with the renovation.
Open concept,
earthy, warm, metallics,
clean & modern.


Emakesart said...

And she tiles! LOVE the tile and the "new' fireplace. Great paint colors and I'm drooling over that lamp!!


Anonymous said...

This became exactly what I used to be looking for! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Jen said...

Adore it!!