Friday, January 14, 2011

Begin Remodel

We picked up the
flooring yesterday.
Well, Billy picked it
up. I helped him get
all 44 boxes in the house.
I only smashed one
of my fingers one time.
The nail is a little
sore today.
I'm a baby!

{the scene from my dining room}

I have most of the main
players chosen for the remodel.
Flooring, tile, countertops...
but I seem to be getting hung
up on choosing the paint
colors. I think I am just
not exactly sure of
what I want.
A hint of green,
a little blue?
I just know the
golden tan color
we have now is
grating on my last nerve.
I'm hating it.
So is Billy.
We want something
with a grey undertone
but still warm.
I'm leaning towards
some grey/green tones.
We'll see.
I need to make a
decision soon.
Like this weekend.

So. many. decisions.

But I think for the most
part we're getting a
handle on everything.
We have the new appliances
picked out as well.
Not more mismatched applicances!

I'll show some pics on
Monday of the progress
we make over the weekend!

1 comment:

Candylei said...

How fun, but also I know it is alot of work to remodel and live in just a few rooms while you do it. Good luck on the wall paint colors.