Friday, December 31, 2010

Life Maintenance

I was driving around today, running errands,
listening to the songs on my new iPod touch,
(Thank you Santa) and How He Loves
came on by David Crowder Band.
I've heard the song hundreds of times, I'm sure,
but this one line stood out to me today like
I was hearing it for the first time. It says...

"I don't have time to maintain these regrets
when I think about the way he loves us."

Immediately it made me question
"What am I maintaining in my life?"
Regret or hope?
Love or hate?
The Word or lies?
Hardworking or lazy?
Giving or greed?
Looking down or looking up?

Funny how something you've heard so
many times will hit you in a new way
when your heart is finally open to it.

In 2011 I am no longer maintaining
doubt and insecurities in my life.
Instead I will believe more of
what God says about me than
anyone one else, including myself.


Studio 76 said...

Thanks for those thoughts...I needed that today...Happy New Year

Jen said...

Love this post and the last. Funny I didn't think of conquoring insecurities as a goal- I think of other things. But I like this one. A lot. I might join you on this one;).
Ps Jeremy is NUTS about David Crowder and the DCB right now. :)