Thursday, December 16, 2010


This morning I found some
great inspiration at
a blog I like to read from
time to time. I'm glad
I popped over today to
find this happy, yellow room.

You can't be sad in a yellow room.
Just not possible.

And let's see the chair rail molding
a little closer. LOVE this detail!

I went a few pages back on her blog
and found this black and white
display of shelves, photos and art.
I think it's originally from Pottery Barn.
While I am not a huge PB fan myself
(I think they're a bit over-rated,
Ballard Designs too)
I can't resist the bold, graphic feel of
this vignette and I've a weak spot for
all things black and white.
 My favorite color combination.
This hits my design sweet spot
in ways I can't explain.
black and white and photos
and typographic art

1 comment:

Cristi Baxter Clothier said...

I'm with you on these! They are fabulous and the black and white is so graphic. I'm a huge fan of typographic art too