Monday, November 1, 2010

What a nice surprise!

Friday morning I wake up to an email
from Billy. It says to have me and the kids
ready to walk out the door at 4:30.

No other details.

So, I work all day and make sure we're all
ready to go. The kids anxiously ask 
questions of where we're going.

Billy is a good secret keeper.

We stop for dinner along the way.
Yummy Fazoli's.
Pasta and bread, does one need anything more?

Still no hints at where we are going
and we get back on the road.

Finally, we pull into the Nutter Center.
I immediately think we're going
to a Radier's basketball game
and Billy wants to show the kids where
he went to college.


But we did get to see these guys and
they were as awesome as they were
when we saw them earlier this summer.

Definitely worth seeing them again!

(side note - I really enjoyed hearing Max Lucado speak
live. I've heard him on TV and read some of his books,
but hearing him live was a real treat.)


Cristi Baxter Clothier said...

Oh wow! What a treat! I am a huge Third Day fan.

Single Stone Studios said...

yes, Third Day is AWESOME! And they sound great live! Toby Mac is always a good show too. It was a good family night!!

Jen said...

That is SO COOL!!
ps Jasper's a huge Third Day fan too. You should see him rocking out with Jeremy's earplugs in. He walks around and kind of dances and then giggles because Jeremy has to follow him around because Daddy's holding the ipod.

Pretty amazing! Billy gets major points for this one. :)