Friday, November 19, 2010

Try. Try again.

Still playing with lots of techniques.
This is the 2nd piece I played with
for the "What brings your soul home?" idea.

The idea is there - not loving the execution.
That's ok though - I don't mind playing
with some more to paint get it right ;)

You can see a white patch kind of in the
middle - that's an image transfer -
it didn't go well. Works better on fabric
and with a hi-res photo.

Try. Try again.


Lin said...

Love the colors! I've done image transfer on canvas before and it was fairly successful...

How's the "big blank canvas" going?

Cristi Baxter Clothier said...

I like where it's headed. Step back from it for a bit and you'll see it in a new light.

Emakesart said...

Hi. Just found you. I think this canvas looks great. For the transfer, try rewetting it and continue to gently rub of the white paper, and if'll add a lovely texture when you paint over that part! ; )

You have a lovely blog, I'm glad I found you!

xo Esther