Thursday, November 4, 2010

{Stone Throwing Thursdays}

It's Thursday which means it's time to share a little something about a stone we've thrown this week. In the last several years I've really tried to be conscious of my faith actions and doing Stone Throwing Thursdays is making me even more aware. I hope you like the exercise as much as I do. I really like the awareness it's bringing to my mind as I live out my faith daily.

Again this week, my stone was a creative one. As I was trying some new techniques this week from an online class I took I realized just how much I was searching for my own personal artistic voice. That thing that specifically says "this is Shelley" in my work. My projects lately have been all over the place -- a good sign one has not yet honed in on their inspiration. I think I am inspired every time I create something but there seems to be a specific inspiration I am after. The chase is on.

I also read Jen's book, Creative Bloom, cover to cover this week. It's all about pursuing your artistic dreams. I really loved it and it was such a timely read for me. I already had plans in my mind to create an art journal and an idea book as well as putting an inspiration board in my studio. I am always jotting down notes, taking photos with my cell of things I see while I'm out and I have a huge creative file on my computer but none of these things are out in the open where they can catch my eye over and over and inspire me. Nor are they organized and together when I want to refer back to them (besides the files on my computer). I have to go looking every time I want to see them. In her book, Jen, expresses just how crucial these 3 elements are to your artistic foundation.

So, I moved on these projects this week. No more putting them off. I did my very first art journaling page, made a cover for my calendar/idea book I plan to put in my bag and take with me everywhere I go, and yesterday, I picked up a couple of $6 cork boards from Ikea to hang in my studio. For me, it's a stone thrown to take myself a little more seriously as an artist. Kind of like admitting that this is really a pursuit for me and making it part of my daily walk. A conscious acknowledgement with some action behind it. It'll be interesting in 5 years to go back through these ideas and see how I have progressed. To be honest, that's what's always held me back in keeping an art journal or sketchbook - the feeling of being a beginner. I kept waiting to "get good" before recording my daily artistic journey. Now I realize just how much that fear was holding me back. Seems like the things that always hold us back are rooted in fear. Some stones are easier to throw than others. But it's usually the ones that take the most faith that yield the biggest victories!

If you're new to Stone Throwing Thursdays click HERE to read what it's all about. I can't wait to read your comments and the blog posts you link up this week! Thanks so much for participating!

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Jen said...

I love that the book is helping you focus a little. :)