Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pieced Together

Lots more experimenting going
on here in the studio.

First, I recycled part of the packaging
Jen Swift's book came in. The little
fabric heart was too cute, so I made this...

The "canvas" is actually the front of
an old book, more fabric scraps,
paint and some random letters.

I think it's a good reminder :)

I painted another canvas as well.
I think it's another good reminder.
This is just paint, modeling paste and
clippings from an old book.

And finally, another canvas. Only this one
has been flipped around and I used the back
as a shadow box/shrine for a dress form
made of raw canvas and stuffed with tissue
to add dimension. Lots of layers of
mod podge and tissue helped to make
the form firm and durable.

On top of the layers of tissue I added
scraps of fabric and string (from torn pieces
of fabric). The bottom scallops of her
skirt are paper flowers.

 She has wings to fly and legs to stumble.
She represents my life
philosophy that every person is
made up of pieces. Pieces of
their dreams and experiences.
And only when we take the journey
of self-discovery with God &
we allow him to artfully arrange
and purposefully place all of our pieces
are we Pieced-Together and who
we are meant to be.

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