Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A bend in the road...

I have been waiting to write this post for almost 2 years. I am so excited and inspired I can hardly stand it! Jen Swift's book, Creative Bloom, HAS BEEN RELEASED!! It came in the mail yesterday and last night I read it cover to cover. I couldn't put it down. It was encouraging and inspiring and so well done I just had to keep going until I ran out of pages. 
my beautifully packaged gift
Jen tells her story in the book. Her story to accept that she is an artist. The one thing she always wanted to be, realized she always was and how she acheived living the artist life daily. In life, we all have duties, the duties of a student, of a parent, a spouse, and we fulfill them. Everyday. For most, the road seems to be a straight path of preordained tasks and we simply walk along fulfilling them. Then there's Jen, one day, she decided to pick up some wire and start bending her road to fit the path she wanted to travel instead of just monotonously going through the motions of life. Loving the results of her new free form traveling route, that she bends with her own hands, she wanted to add some color. Fabric and some hand-stitching were just the right medium to brighten up her life. 
there were a couple of wonderful surprises inside for me :)

A simple email with a FABULOUS idea, 20+ projects, 22 months, and lots of faith steps later, her book has been released! It's such an easy, feel-good kind of read but still has me continuously mulling over some of the ideas she expressed and how they work in my own creative life. As with any mixed media project, this book, is all about the layers. Even though it's an easy read, if you want to, you can sort through the layers of writing and projects and really dig deep into the book, and deep into your artist heart, to find out what being an artist means to you. It's different for everyone and Jen helps you to explore that.

Along the bent wire road she offers beautiful project tutorials to inspire you to start creating or simply try your hand at something new. The projects are stunning, build your artist skills and inspire you to start bending your own creative ideas. Soon, I'll be trying out her fabric jewelry tutorial! I have been waiting for this book to come out to try it and now I have the steps all laid out in front of me. I am so excited!! THANK YOU FOR SHARING JEN!!

I hope you pick up a copy of Jen's book, Creative Bloom. You can find it on Amazon and in most major book stores. Look for this lovely cover...


Cristi Baxter Clothier said...

So exciting for Jen! Mine is due to arrive in the mail this week.

Jen said...

I'm really enjoying Jen's book, too. I was really looking forward to the projects and now that I have the book I am pleasantly surprised by the treasure of her writing!