Monday, October 4, 2010

Untitled: Daydreamer

Here's an update on the Untitled
fabric project I start last week.

For starters it's now titled

After I had all the fabric glued
in place I started adding interest
to the center of the piece.

This is where I left off...
I wanted a girl in the center
but I also wanted it to be autumn-ish
and wanted flowers so
I came up with doing tall flowers and
having the girl floating off the page.

For the flowers I pulled out my stash
of art stamps, found the flowers I wanted
and stamped them on white fabric with
Staz-on black ink. Staz-on is a solvent
based ink. I used it so it didn't bleed
when I painted the flowers with acrylics and water.
After I stamped the flowers I sketched a pattern for my
girl. She needed a skirt, legs and hands. I sketched them
on paper before putting them on my fabric piece because
I wasn't sure what I wanted and needed to play around a bit.

For the legs I pulled out a sheet of paper doll
imaged I have. It has all the pieces necessary
for creating a paper doll - heads, legs, arms, dresses...
from that inspiration I sketched the pieces I wanted.
After getting the sketches the size and shapes I wanted
I cleaned them up and made patterns so I
 could cut my fabric from them. I traced the pattern right
 onto the front of the fabric with a pencil. I like to
 see the graphite on the front and I knew I'd be
 "messing-up" the edges later with graphite and pastels.
After I cut all my pattern pieces I went back to the
stamper flowers and cut them from the white fabric.

I started painting within the lines of the stamp
but decided I didn't like the lines being there
so I flipped them over and painted the back sides.
I also started arranging the new fabric piece on the base
I crreated earlier. For the flower centers I used large
copper brads I had in my stash. I've been waiting
to use them and could never find the right project -
can't tell you how many times I pulled them out trying
to see if they worked and they didn't - until these flowers!
I did a little happy dance ;)

You can see the girl in place here as well.
Her hands and legs were cut from the same
white canvas fabric as the flowers, which
just happens to be leftover from the curtains
I hemmed for my living room. Gotta love
Ikea for those extra long curtains!!

So now I'm seeing the layout I want for the piece
and add the stems for the flowers. Just pieces
of jute glued with more quick-dry Tacky Glue.
After the stems were dry I broke out the acrylics,
watercolor pencils, oil pastels, chalk and items to add
texture to my background like bubble wrap and pieces
of those non-slip things you put under rugs.

I painted the acrylics on the bubble wrap and the non-slip
things and "stamped" them to the center portion.
 I used lots of colors and layers and
I kind of got into it and forgot to take pics :(

So here's a shot after I painted and applied the flowers and
the pieces of of daydreamer. She just can't keep her
head out of the clouds and feet on the ground.
Getting close to wrapping up this project
but have a few more ideas I want to try.
I'll keep you posted.

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