Thursday, October 7, 2010

{Stone Throwing Thursdays}

I'm trying something new with the blog. Actually it's not new at all just a new approach. I'm starting something called Stone Throwing Thursdays. For those who've been around the blog for any length of time you know that our faith is what started this business and what guides us each day through the hurdles of life.

The term Stone-Thrower, our motto "Throw Your Stone" and our company name Single Stone Studios are all derived from the David and Goliath story. You can find the full story in 1 Samuel 17 but in's a story of faith in which David, a young boy, faces Goliath, a giant, that even the Israelite army was afraid to face. A boy, too small to fit into the armor they tried to put on him, armed with a sling shot alone and 5 smooth stones he picks up in the river on his way down to the valley to face Goliath, takes the risk. He steps out in his faith, knowing God has called him for such a time as this, and with the first stone flung from his sling shot - kills the giant. It hits him right between the eyes and Goliath falls to the ground. A single stone.

So now when Billy and I have an idea for the business or life in general we say "Throw Your Stone". It's not said completely light hearted to just willy-nilly try anything in life. It's said with the intent of knowing that one is listening to God and following faith. James 2:17 says without action is dead. You can't just keep hold of your stone. To truly exercise your faith, you must throw it!
Lately we have taken this philosophy a bit further and started calling ourselves Stone Throwers, meaning that we intentionally keep a "stone" in our hand to be ready at anytime for the big and the small faith steps in life. To live prepared so when we arrive at them in our path we don't have to stop to get ready - we're already armed with faith and ready to take the step.
Today, Stone-Throwing Thursday is born. To serve as a reminder for all of us to consciously live our faith each day. To take those big and little steps and to be aware of them when we do. To also be aware of even the littlest things God does to build our faith when we excerise it. I won't have a big long philosphical or theological post each week. But I am going to do my best of have some kind of Stone Throwing exercise to report.
This week - I consciously played with fabric to stretch myself as an artist. I pushed out the fear of my project potentially being a complete flop and just went for it....a step-at-a-time. Much to my surprise God offered encouragement in the form of a sale of the piece. Stone Thrown. Faith Exercised.
I hope you will all start joining in and leave comments or if you're a blogger link your stone throwing blog post to this post. Each week I'll do a Stone Throwing link party that will last from Thrusday morning to Sat night. Any stones thrown after that can be reported the following Thursday ;) I would love to hear all of your Stone-Throwing adventures and encourage you to keep throwing.


amybyrd said...

My biggest stone would be moving to Denver without knowing a soul 9 years ago. I literally just picked up and moved. It was extremely hard and I considered moving back closer to my family many times. But moving freed me to explore who I was and become stronger. I lost the 60 extra pounds I had been carrying around with me, grew in my career, forged stronger relationships with my family, and eventually opened myself up to meet the man who would become my husband.

Now its motherhood I am tackling and on a smaller scale--digital scrapbooking!

Shelly you should make this a McLinky thing and people could post their stories on their blogs and link back!

Sallie said...

I feel it is taking courage to respond to this blog because I am not technically savvy and have never done this before. I depend on my grown son to help me when I get stuck on the computer but since he is at work I am trying to tackle this on my own!
I take pride in being an encourager because I feel that is the gift God has blessed me with and last week I listened and obeyed immediately when He whispered to me "Go for it!" as I was so enamored with Shelley's newest creation "Daydreamer". I have never bought anything sight unseen or even thought to ask if something I saw in these wonderful instructive, inspiring links were for sale. Imagine my surprise when she said I could buy it! It will be treasured even more because I know I was used by God to affirm her effort to step out in faith!