Monday, October 18, 2010

Scrappy Bag Tutorial

On Friday, I shared a few work-in-progress
photos. On Saturday I shared that I did,
in fact, get my messy corner CLEANED!
Ah, so nice to walk in and not walk over things.
Nice, indeed.

However, Friday night after I cleaned I did not reach
for one of my in-progress projects. No, I reached for
fabric scraps.

I thought I'd use up a few and a flash of
a scrappy bag went through my mind.
With that I got to work.

Here's a finished pic so you can see
what we're working towards.
I just saw a flash in my mind but it was
pretty detailed so I was able to rip down
my fabrics and get to work.

So we're making...

We're going for a simple messenger style bag.

To get started:
I pulled out my ever handy canvas.
This is a staple in my fabric stash.
I reach for it nearly every time I start a project.

So, to get started on our Scrappy Bag
pull out some of your favorite scraps.
Mine happen to bold in color and pattern -
go figure ;)

I started by ripping down my canvas fabric
to size and started pinning on scraps.

Don't think about the placement of the scraps
too much. Really, it's just a bag and we're
doing this to have fun. Don't over think it.

I pinned, pinned some more and then a little more.
But in the end - I dig it - let's start sewing!

I {heart} my new sewing machine. Like, a lot.

I sew each patch on with a simple straight stitch.
FYI- watch all those pins while you're sewing.
I drew blood a few times - luckily none got on my bag.
Crafting isn't for sissies!

Here you can see the decorative stitching all done.
It took s awhile. I had to fill my bobbin 3 times.
So, keep going 'till you're done.
I also added some fun decorative grommets,
lace and fibers for texture and fun.

Here's the back side of the canvas I attached
the scraps too. It's a little easier to see the stitching.

About 4 hours and a backache later I was done
with all the stitching - from sewing down each patch
to all of the decorative stitching I added.

Now we need to cover up the back
with a cute fabric that will serve as
the lining of our bag. I chose a white
and grey typographic print I picked up
at Ikea. This is my first fabric from there
and I really like this print. It's fun.

Zig zag around the edges a couple of times.
Once is fine and will hold it but I like the thickness
and texture of the stitching when you go around
a couple of times. I usually go for 3 -
I'm an overachiever like that. ha!

Now we have this FAB quilt-like piece
we've made but it obviously doesn't
look like a bag...YET!

To make your bag fold up the bottom
of the piece of fabric about two-thirds
of the way up. Like this...

Don't stitch it up just yet.
We need a strap to carry our bag.

I used some of the soft blue fabric and
more canvas to make the strap.

I measured Mackenzie, my daughter, who claimed
the bag before I was even done pinning on the scraps.
I told her we can share it :)

And I ripped more fabric down to size.

The canvas goes in the middle sandwiched
between the two blue pieces.

Then just stitch up all four sides.

Now we can start stitching up our bag!!
I simply folded the ends of the strap in half
stitched it right into the seam on the side near the top.
Again, I used a zig zag stitch and went over it 3 times.
Do this to both sides and then flip down the
 top third of your bag to close it.

And there you have it. A Scrappy Bag!!

I think it's a fun addition to my
 collection of handmade bags!


Jen said...

Oh- this is soooo cute!! Love the tutorial and the bag is beyond adorable. If I was in the same state I might have offered to arm wrestle Mack for it.;)

Jennifer Juniper said...

I love projects that use up all my scraps! This is so cute :)

Lisa said...

I love this bag! I need ideas to use up my scraps. I was thinking a quilt...maybe.

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