Tuesday, October 19, 2010


At the beginning of the year one of the many
goals on my list was to be soda free by 2011.

I was doing great at the beginning.
I really was.

Then life got stressful with Mackenzie's
diagnosis and I went back to my old crutch.
I lost my appetite and drank coke non-stop.
I mean like 4-5 cans a day.

So I'm back on the wagon, so to speak,
and not drinking Coke...not often.
I must say that I am even losing my taste for it.
When it is in the house I will reach for it out
an old habit rather than really wanting to drink it.
So I find myself putting it back and grabbing some
iced tea. A better choice...not as good as water.
Maybe drinking water will be one of my
goals for 2011.

Anyway, I'm doing good with the whole soda thing

I seemed to have replaced one bad habit...

with another...
Seriously, this is like getting a milk shake
with a kick of caffeine.

My name is Shelley, and I will intake
sugar and caffeine in any way you can
deliver it to my body.

Baby steps right?
I'm kind of disappointed in myself.
Not that I am drinking as many
frappuccinos as I was Coke.
Not even close but still....

Maybe I should start that whole drinking
water thing before 2011. blech.


Jen said...

OK- my favorite- the pumpkin spice latte. LOVE it. But I don't think the sugar free vanilla and sugar free caramel coffee soy frappucino's are all that bad. :)

colortheskygray said...

they can do frappuccinos in 1/2 caf and decaf now...i'm trying to cut back on caffeine too, and that helps for sure.