Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Mom Cave

Today, Kate at Centsational Girl, is hosting a linky party to win $250 gift card to Homegoods to help you create your mom cave!! I am not linking up as I don't really need to finish my mom cave but I wanted to spread the word and share mine anyway :) I may not have the best designed mom cave, some of them linking up are FABULOUS even in their incomplete states!! But I am so very blessed to have my space. In our old house I crafted in a closet - not a walk in closet - nope it was about 3' deep and 5' wide. I added a shelf at desk height, removed the rod for hanging clothes and put some pretty boxes filled with my supplies on the high shelf. I had a few things on my desk top and generally made a mess in the hallway all around me. At the end of the day I would scoot my stool under the desk and close the curtain. I crafted there EVERYDAY! I loved my tiny, little spot. It was sitting at that desk that I knew I wanted to be creative everyday and it's where I pushed through all of my excuses of not having enough supplies, not having enough space, only having a $10 monthly craft budget and decided this was my dream and I was going to live it!
Moving into my new space

It would be years later before I got the space I am in now. And I even had to reclaim my space as a closet for nearly 2 yrs before we moved from that house. Something, had to be God, gave me the grace to be able to give it up. When we moved into this house, and started finishing the basement, my space was one of the first one completed by Billy and his dad. I helped got in the way a few times but they worked around me until it was complete. It's gone through a few changes over the last couple of years. Mostly just filling it up with more stuff. Like my new, quickly growing fabric stash :)

So here are my photos. Not as elegant as most of the other spaces submitted - gosh some of them are truly gorgeous - but this space is mine and my style. I love it here. I create art here and live my dreams here. I connect with God on a daily basis here. It will be hard to move this space when we leave this house. Thankfully all those things that happen in this space can travel with me just like they traveled from my little closet studio.

When you first walk in the door this is what you see...
On the left, you see this...
I love the colors. I love being surrounded by
my art and supplies.
I also love that I have my kids' art on
those shelves and they are
welcome in here to use any supplies
they want at any time.
Ok, I shoo them out occassionally ;)

This is the table where I work. It's big and I love it.
I also love having my Winged Things decal
on the wall across from my table.
I redid this old chest in my funky style
 to store lots of supplies.
Another one of my decal creations shows up too...
more wings :)

And this is the photo I shared as my "where do you blog"
 photo when Kate hosted that linky party.
And it's where I am sitting right now.
It's a good place to be!

I hope a few of you will share your "mom caves"!
Let me know if you win! I'd love to see the changes
you make to your space or if the $250 gift
card allows to create your own space for the first time.


Jen said...

I so need help with my space. I don't know that even $250 would help me though. :) Might give it a shot though. :)

Liz Foley said...

LOVE the mom cave - inspiring. Speaking of inspiring - love that bookcase? Where did you get the great baskets? or did you sew them?

Roberta said...

Wow...love your post and your story. Your blog and business are fabulous as well. I've used Wall Words in the past and have quotes on the back of my magazine files in my studio. I can so relate to your spaces as far as being creative in small and big studios because over the years I've had both. Thanks for linking up and support all of us in our dreams. Fondly, Roberta

Amanda said...

Love love love your space!!!! The colors are so warm and your artwork is so detailed .... It really speaks to the artist in me. Keep up the fabulous work!

Jen said...

I love your space. Thanks so much for sharing. And I love the idea of a "mom cave." I do have a "mom cave" that I go back and forth between calling my craft room or art studio. I might just need to call it my "mom cave."