Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Mom Cave Breakdown

I thought I'd continue the mom cave thing today and give you a breakdown of the storage and layout of the my studio. It's a decent sized space but certainly not huge. Before I started buying anything I took a couple of steps to ensure I got what I needed and the space would function well.

It's basically a 12'x13' room with an entry area of 7'x8'. That smaller area offers lots of space for storage, including wall space to hang canvases so I don't have them stuffed here and there and everywhere. I hang them all. Good and bad...or I paint over them.

Here are the steps I took to create my space. I plan to go through the rest of my house and do the same thing. I am rather organizationally challenged but I love the function of my studio and really want to apply it to my whole house. I've done a couple of small things that I also really like in other areas - like the Pax closet organizer from Ikea that I put in my laundry room and I recently added some closet organizers from Target to my closet. So far, so good.

Here's the plan:

Step #1 - Take inventory. I took inventory of everything I had so I knew what kind of supplies I needed to store.

Step #2 - Pre-plan the entire space and get pricing. This changed many times before I have what I have now. I planned and replanned and planned the space again and again before I got it figured out. The 2 main things that I started with that I ended up with are the white desks and the white modular storage cubes. I didn't think I would end up with the storage cubes due to price but when I happened upon them at 40% - I grabbed 3 carts, yes 3, don't judge ;), and filled them up! Thankfully my mom and daughter weren't embarrassed by my giddy behavior in Michaels that day and each helped me decide what I needed and pushed a cart! :)

(storage cubes under the hutch are from Target - very inexpensive)

Step #3 - Room to grow. I knew I would be getting rid of some old supplies I just didn't want anymore. I gave a bunch of scrapbooking supplies to my mom and got rid of a big tub of rubber stamps with designs I just didn't want anymore. I knew a couple of areas I wanted to expand in so I planned for more storage for those supplies I'd be adding to my space.

Step #4 - SHOP! And stick to your plan. I knew I wanted a big shelving unit but didn't know exactly what I wanted it to look like so I really looked for this piece and originally I didn't have that big table planned at all. I was going to use 2 Ikea Hemnes dressers back to back for a large surface and lots of drawer space to the tune of about $600. I wasn't completely ok with that price but it was the best option I could find until...I went to Big lots one day to see what kind of furniture they might have. There I found the big marble top, 54"x54" table I have now AND the blue hutch (that wasn't blue at all when I bought it). The marble top table might sound pricey but it wasn't really. It was only $250. I lost a lot of storage by doing this instead of the 2 dressers but obviously price was a big factor in my decision as well as the fact that the marble top can be cleaned so easily and I can roll out clay etc on it if I want to without worrying about damaging the surface. I have NOT been sorry I made this choice.

Here's a pic of the hutch before and after. I bought it, brought it home and took sandpaper to it right away. Then my paint brush full of blue paint. There is no reason you can paint new furniture. It wasn't really expensive and it's not like the wood was exotic or something - it was just plain ol' wood in a rather orangey stain that I was not thrilled with. The size and price were right and I knew I could alter it to make it work in my space. I also put the small storage cubes under it so it didn't sit directly on the floor and the drawers were easier to use.

I LOVE the difference a little (or a lot) of color can make! Since this is my space I can do whatever colors I want and I wanted orange. For a while I didn't know how I would work around the orange but my heart was set on orange. Finally I settled on adding light blue/aqua to the orange and it's been evolving for the last 2 years with more colors being added as I make more art and add more accessories.

The room was pretty bare when I moved in. The walls were bare, the shelves were bare and the desk tops were clean. Um, not so much anymore ;)

Now that I've been in the space for about a year and a half it's really starting to reflect my taste and style. I think I am just figuring that out for the first time. I am also finding that I use the space much differently now than I did when I first moved in and hope to make a few organizational changes soon. I don't plan to purchase any new pieces just reorganize some of the modular cubes and I just reorganized the storage on the blue hutch and in the entry area of the space a couple of weekends ago to accommodate my fabric stash. I just added 4 baskets and rearranged the shelves to accommodate them. I also got rid of all my soap making supplies. The ingredients were so old I just pitched everything and that gave me one more black and white storage basket for fabric. 
This makes me happy!

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Jen said...

Pitching icky old stuff to make room for fabric sounds good to me! Wish I could pop over and help you gaze at/organize them!!!